Passionate people drive social change

We believe that the challenges faced by excluded communities are best overcome if change is explored, decided and lead by those communities; the people with lived experience and first-hand knowledge of the history, culture and strengths of their community.

We will work alongside those individuals who galvanise their communities, navigate and create positive futures. Creating resilient compassionate communities requires resilient compassionate people and we will provide workshops and events to support personal journeys too.

What we do

For communities with little or no funding:

  • Community action with immediate and long term impact

  • Workshops and Events to strengthen collaboration, self reliance and personal impact

  • PAYF Funding Advice and support / Consultancy Peer Groups

  • PAYF Executive Coaching and Action Learning Set facilitation

  • PAYF coaching and ALS facilitation

For others fixed prices apply, services may also include:

  • Commissions

  • Project Management / implementation

  • Bid writing

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